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Coffs Hacker Space is all about Community bring together like minded individuals. Giving anyone and everyone the ability to Create Discover Learn. So we make use of as many different technologies within a communal Environment. We offer the infrastructure and Collaboration Opportunities for anyone interested in Electronic’s, Robotic’s, 3D Printing, Computer Programming, Woodworking, Metalworking, Arts & Crafts, Textiles & Design. With our ever expanding Equipment list. We teach We learn We share. Together anything is possible.

“We all need to start somewhere and here you can call home”


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Coffs Hacker Space we want to help to Innovate the future with sharing knowledge. And to build some cool stuff to along the way. We want every member to make new friends have a sense of community, to explore and enjoy there journey.

“It’s not just a magical box, its full of curiosity”