CHS Project MPCNC (mostly printed CNC)

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The Mostly Printed CNC is a wonderful way to get start in the world of CNC due to cost and build ability for members. For our first Project of 2020 we have choosen to build MPCNC for the space.

Introducing the Mostly Printed CNC (MPCNC), a customizable CNC design by Ryan Zellars from V1 Engineering. In this case, CNC should be taken by its literal meaning as a machine controlled by computers, not limited to CNC mills (a very common type of CNC rig). This is because the MPCNC is not just another cheap CNC kit.

I look forward to this build and we will be starting on the 1st of Jan 2020 at the space to conduct our first meeting regards to project.

keep checking back to see the progess as it happens.

more info on our facebook page

Come and join our group to find more photo’s and info



Mitch Altman’s Talk at Google

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Mitch Altman, CEO of Cornfield Electronics and co-founder of San Francisco’s Noisebridge, speaks on the International Hackerspace Movement. Dubbed “the Johnny Appleseed of Hackerspaces” by Make Magazine, he’s spent the past decade traveling around the world giving talks, teaching workshops, and helping hackerspaces and their communities. About this work he says: “It’s fun. It’s important. It’s inspiring.”

In this talk Mitch tells the story of his hacking-powered life journey- As a bullied creative youth, to inventor, to entrepreneur and globe-trotting educator. He explains the term “Hacking,” and it’s original definition vs. the negative connotations sometimes applied, and, most importantly, illustrates how hackerspaces fill a vital need for community and support entrepreneurs to make a better world.

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3D Print Meetup

hackerspace meetup

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3D printing meetup every tuesday night 6pm till 9pm
prints builds repairs and upgrades

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General Meetup

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General Meetups are Happening Every Wednesday Evening from 6pm til 9pm

Come and join in! bring yourself a friend a project or idea’s come and join our community of interesting people.

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